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The Luck Factor: Why Some People Are Luckier Than Others and How You Can Become One of Them by Max Gunther

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  • The Luck Factor: Why Some People Are Luckier Than Others and How You Can Become One of Them by Max Gunther
  • Author: Max Gunther
  • Publisher: Harriman House
  • Genre: Fortune, Success
  • Non – fiction
  • Publishing Year 1977 reprinted 2011
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Max Gunther in his book he Luck Factor: Why Some People Are Luckier Than Others and How You Can Become One of Them ferrets out the five traits that people who have outrageous fortune share and then shows you an approach you can use to turn your fortune around. In the first there sections of the book he reviews a variety of speculation, randomness, psychic, synchronicity, numbers, destiny and God, as well as charms, signs and portents. However it was in Part IV the luck adjustment where I probably learnt something that really make a difference. He talks about a spiderweb structure, which is akin to what Malcolm Gladwells successful people in Outliers have, and how to develop your own. This is probably the best succinctly put advice every child should be given. This book was reprinted recently whereas before that it was keenly sought in the second hand market. Do not confuse this book with The Luck Factor by Richard Wiseman, a more recent book written by a psychologist in the UK. Max Gunther is Swiss and his book The Zurich Axioms is one of the classic investment book which stills sells at a premium as some stores. Below I give a short summary of both books

The Luck Factor Summary / Cheatsheet

The Luck Factor Max Gunther The Luck Factor Richard Wiseman
Max Gunther talks about how lucky people:-

  1. Have formed a great many friendly contacts (spider web structure)
  2. Act on their hunches based on 3 rules, i.e., learn to assess the data base, don’t confuse a hunch with a hope and make room for hunches to grow
  3. Are bold -by inspecting  lucky opportunities but knowing the difference between boldness and rashness and don’t insist on having total knowledge of any situation they are about to enter
  4. Use a ratchet effect to preserve gains by getting out quickly if things turn out sour – they quickly admit they are wrong, are able to abandon an investment of money time or love
  5. Have a basic core of pessimism – so always  have a fall back – if things can go wrong they will and they don’t believe they have total control of their lives by accepting disorder as a fact.
Wiseman identifies four principles that underlie a lucky life. Following these, he believes, will draw good luck These are

  1. The belief that you are lucky (lucky people create, notice and act upon chance opportunities. They also have a relaxed attitude to life).
  2.  Lucky people make success happen by using their intuition and gut feelings.
  3. One must expect good fortune, hold fast to this belief and persevere in attempting to achieve your goals.
  4.  Lucky people have a knack for transforming back luck into good luck.  For instance. When they get bad luck, they think how lucky they are it is not worse.


Positives Negatives
  • Engaging writing that is easy to read
  • Gives you a how-to on how to change your luck for the better
  • Concise and logical
  • I thought the theories were okay but the gold is in the last section


Reader comments:

” ..I’d read a lot of self-help books of all kind before I read this but this one ranks right there with Think and Grow Rich and How to win Friends and Influence People.” – Narayanan (NEW DELHI, India)

“..The kind of information in this book is whatever person in their late 20s should know. what he wrote about 25 years ago still stands today. Great stuff! ” – M.L. Lindsey (MainLine, Philadelphia, PA)

“…Read this book and tell your children about the spider web structure and how to set it up. ..” – Dani Oswald (Australia)


The Luck Factor book best buy here

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